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Christal Pshyk

Fundraising Pharamacy
Chief Solutions Practitioner
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Christal is a creative professional to the core.  Christal began her career using her fine arts skills and education to advance the arts and community sectors, quickly becoming a respected leader in her field.  Her commitment to creating successful relationships is legendary.

A natural leader and fundraiser, Christal excels at building meaningful and high-impact personal relationships with donors and sponsors.  She specializes in the strategic use of special events, telemarketing and individual prospect cultivation.  She has successfully raised funds for every community and arts groups across North America including Save the Children, Toronto Public Library, United Way of the Alberta Capital Region and Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago.

A seriously devoted foodie, Christal also co-authored and published the (sold-out) cookbook: Edible Gifts and Party Food.
Wednesday, May 31

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Thursday, June 1

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Friday, June 2

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