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Elena Grinshteyn

Development Officer, Student Awards & Special Initiatives
Notre Dame
As a Development Officer - Student Awards and Special Projects, I am responsible for maintaining and growing the Student Awards program at Red River College.
My goal is to ensure that eligible students receive optimum support financially to successfully complete their career aspirations as well as building long lasting partnerships with investors.
Specialties: fundraising, volunteer management, partnership development.
Wednesday, May 31

08:00 CDT

08:30 CDT

10:15 CDT

10:30 CDT

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15:15 CDT

Thursday, June 1

08:15 CDT

08:25 CDT

09:40 CDT

10:00 CDT

11:15 CDT

11:20 CDT

12:35 CDT

13:15 CDT

14:20 CDT

15:20 CDT

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16:40 CDT

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17:30 CDT

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Friday, June 2

08:00 CDT

08:30 CDT

10:30 CDT

10:45 CDT