Fundraising Pharmacy invivite you to join us in Winnipeg for the second annual WCFC -- the only national-level, multi-day, annual professional development opportunity for fundraisers in western Canada.

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Kathi Neal

Siloam Mission
Director of Development
300 Princess Street
I am attending the conference during my first week as the Director of Development for Siloam Mission. I'm looking forward to spending time with my new colleagues at Siloam and, of course, with all the amazing people who will be speaking and attending the conference with us.
Wednesday, May 31

07:30 CDT

08:30 CDT

10:15 CDT

10:30 CDT

12:00 CDT

13:30 CDT

15:00 CDT

15:15 CDT

17:15 CDT

Thursday, June 1

08:25 CDT

09:40 CDT

10:00 CDT

11:20 CDT

12:35 CDT

13:15 CDT

14:15 CDT

14:20 CDT

15:20 CDT

15:35 CDT

16:40 CDT

16:45 CDT

Friday, June 2

08:30 CDT

10:30 CDT

10:45 CDT